DCOE Supercharger kit installed in 1963 Mk1 mini, being tuned on my rolling road dyno.

                                                                                                       WELCOME  TO THE HOME OF THE BEST 'A' SERIES SUPERCHARGER KITS, ALL MADE IN HOUSE.  CYLINDER HEAD MODIFICATIONS, FLOW BENCH TESTING, AND SUN DYNOMETER  ROLLING ROAD TUNING.                                                              I have been modifying minis since 1986, turbocharging them since 1987, supercharging them since 2004  with over 600 kits/conversions sold, my kits are the most popular AND BEST PERFORMING in the world.                                              I believe in what I sell, thats why my daily driver is a supercharged classic mini, sun rain or snow !                          FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM                                                                

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