998 and 1275 standard engines showing before and after Supercharger fitting. 72bhp/90ftlbs (998)  and   100lbs ft / 105 bhp (1275)

Modified 1275 engine bored to 1293 cc with 40dcoe supercharger kit  :131 ft lbs/4000rpm - 143 bhp/5450 rpm 

Forged cosworth pistons, 286 cam, rally spec 36x31 cylinder head, standard material crank and rods.    


          The world famous VMAXSCART  

      40 and 45  DCOE  Supercharger kits



                The 40 dcoe kit is suitable for 998-1275 engine types, '59-1995 ('95-2001 SEE INJECTION SUPERCHARGER KITS)

left or right hand drive,  the kit contains :

Stainless steel  lower manifold, pre jetted 40 dcoe carburettor with choke circuit,  filter, and linkage.

Modified Eaton Supercharger, pulleys and tensioner, belt, all stainless manifold with heatshielding, super reliable stainless decompression plate, all required gaskets, Steel fitting harware, Vacuum out for distributor and separate larger fitting for your brake servo plus Boost guage outlet too,  and fitting/tuning instructions  for £1795 !


 40dcoe 'S'  kit now available for larger capacity /higher spec engines, aditional £200 gets : bigger chokes,  higher flowing manifolds, supercharger rotor timing modifications and lightweight alloy pulleys.


  Works/Race 45DCOE kit avaible for full race /trackday use many modifications added  to boost power to 160 plus bhp £2150.


  Set up kit : contains a wideband sensor and controller, strobe timing gun, jet drills and intstructions - perfect if you cant get to an engine or chassis dyno.   £230



Add the all new 100 perc larger capacity chargecooler kit to inlet charge temps super chilled! - drops charge temps by up to 20 degress celcius /increases power by up to 22 bhp , recommended for 30 degrees plus abient running temparatures  £250 extra.


    The new super-compact design mounts the carb closer to the charger, eliminating carb icing, fuel run back and low port velocity problems. The  Super stable idle provided by the  40/45dcoe carb also  gives superior power and easy jetting over the previous HIF44 SU . The dcoe supercharger kit can be used with all bodyshells 1959-2001- no bonnet or bulkhead modifications required, suiting left and right hand drive, with or without the  rover pedal box servo assembly.

  Kits are tailored for  you engine configuration, from 848cc -1430cc.

 Instantaneous throttle, Super tractabillity, 900 rpm tickover then roll on the throttle from 1200 rpm !

Pull a taller final drive for more relaxed motorway cruising and better economy, most supercharged engine will work perfectly with a 2.7:1 diff.

Decompression plates : although not ideal in a engineering solution they are incredibly reliable and  simple, Cometic gaskets are not recomemnded due to leakage at high boost figures on the a series engines, (regulary seen on the rolling road )  Forged pistons (18cc Omega with a larger dish to negate the need for a decompression plate) are the best chioce if you are rebuilding and engine to suit the kit. Also standard engines in good condition work very well with the kit and will last well when set up correctly . 




Can also be fitted to inline applications, kit cars etc , midgets will require bonnet mods, kits can be tailored to you requirements. 


1275 Mildly modified engine with 40 dcoe kit fitted

plus 40 omega pistons, 276 cam , minispares modified  cyl head , peak power 127.5 bhp at 5850 rpm 121 ft lbs at 3000 rpm  

DCOE flange shown but, other inlets can be tailored for injection etc .

Supercharger kits are tailored to your engine spec and tune, Casings are machined, welded, ported.   Material is removed and added to the case to change power and torque  characteristicts. I have a  number of different  pulleys to suit boost and rpm requirements. Manifolds are made to suit bonnet height (inline applications)  Left and right hand drive, Injection, carb and race uses.

 All development is carried out in house, and as of  2018 Over 700 kits/conversions have been made.   

 1964 Mk1 mini with 40 DCOE kit fitted

Rolling Road testing

40 dcoe superchrager kit 

New Downdraught supercharger kit 

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