car pics :

vmaxscart 1293 cc forged engine with the dcoe supercharger kit fitted 

Supercharged estate , project car built for a customer , supercharged , chargecooled and mappable  fuel injection 2008

first of the new dcoe kits (jan 2016) fitted to my  spi mini for testing 

my super de-luxe 

early m45 supercharger kit with 45dcoe (2006)

Where it all began, from 1988 the turbocharged mini, 

The first M45 supercharged classic mini (2004)

Mini speedster , 1 of 4 built by myself  (1996)

36cc combustion chamber 

40dcoe /m45 supercharger kit

34cc 36x31mm 

36x29 spi road head 

36x31 ul 11 stud rally spec head 

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