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       40 DCOE  Supercharger kit



 31 years modifying Minis and 13 years as the leader in 'a' series supercharging; the first carb M45 kit for the mini in 2004, first MPI supercharged in 2006, first m45 blow through setup in 2008, some of my competitors where still at school 13 years ago!

 Suck through is miles ahead in terms of efficiency and with this new kit theres no downsides !, Only stainless steel is used for the manifold (my competitiors use mild steel which evetually feeds rust into your engine !), its  serious power lasting add on . 

40 dcoe kit contents :

Stainless steel  lower manifold, pre jetted 40 dcoe carburettor with filter, and linkage.

Modified Eaton Supercharger, pulleys and tensioner, belt, super reliable stainless decompression plate, gaskets and instructions  for £1695 !


45dcoe race kit available for larger capacity /higher spec engines, aditional £350, higher flowing manifolds and optimised pulley ratios.  




Add the all new 100 perc larger capacity chargecooler kit to inlet charge temps super chilled! £250 extra.


    The new super-compact design mounts the carb closer to the charger, eliminating carb icing, fuel run back and low port velocity problems. The  Super stable idle provided by the  40/45dcoe carb also  gives superior power and easy jetting over the previous HIF44 SU . The dcoe supercharger kit can be used with all bodyshells 1959-2001- no bonnet or bulkhead modifications required, suiting left and right hand drive, with or without the  rover pedal box servo assembly.

  Kits are tailored for  you engine configuration.

 Instantaneous throttle, Super tractabillity, 900 rpm tickover then roll on the throttle from 1200 rpm !

Pull a taller final drive for more relaxed motorway cruising and better economy, most supercharged engine will work perfectly with a 2.7:1 diff. Forged pistons (with a larger dish to negate the need for a decompression plate) are the best chioce if you are rebuilding for the kit but standard engines in good condition will last wellif in good condition to begin with and set up correctly . 




Can also be fitted to inline applications, kit cars etc , midgets will require bonnet mods. 



 Tests have shown 30-45 bhp increase on fitting the kit  on 998 and 1275 base type engines.


Standard 1275 before /after at 2000rpm 28bhp/40bhp

4000rpm 52bhp/74bhp

5000 rpm 60bhp/98bhp


Standard 998 engine before/ after at 2000rpm   19bhp/31bhp

4000 rpm  33bhp/72bhp

5000rpm 36bhp/74bhp










36cc combustion chamber 

40dcoe /m45 supercharger kit

34cc 36x31mm 

36x29 spi road head 

36x31 ul 11 stud rally spec head 

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