DCOE                  Supercharger kit

 40 bhp increase in power !


 Its been 12 years since i made the first M45 kit for the mini , I tried blow through setups  in 2008, still suck through is miles ahead in efficiency and with this new kit theres no downsides !, easy to fit kit of everthing you need plus upgrades if you want them, serious power add on with the dcoe sound track!  

kit contents :

All new  lower manifold, better flow and balance between the two ports.

40 dcoe carburettor with filter,

modified Eaton M45 '5 th generation' black rotor Supercharger, pulleys and tensioner, belt, decompression plate, gaskets and instructions  for £1695 !


45dcoe race kit available for larger capacity /higher spec engines, aditional £300 




Add the all new 100 perc larger capacity chargecooler kit to inlet charge temps super chilled! £250 extra.


    The new super-compact design mounts the carb closer to the charger, eliminating carb icing, and fuel run back problems. The  40/45dcoe carb gives superior power and easy jetting. The dcoe supercharger kit can be used with all bodyshells 1959-2001- no bonnet or bulkhead modifications required, left and right hand drive, with the pedal box servo assembly, kits are tailored for  Small to large bore engines.

 Instantaneous throttle, Super tractabillity, 

And everyone loves the sound of a dcoe !


Can be fitted to inline applications,  midgets will require bonnet mods. 



* tests have shown 40-50 bhp increase over hif44 carb / atmo engine /mild to 286 cam 

45 dcoe kit is for larger bore /high rev suitable engines.






40dcoe /m45 supercharger kit
New twin 40 mm throttle body supercharger kit

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