Supercharger kit Parts list                              ( all  include uk post)                                                                              Super charger oil , 250ml  £20     Lightweight alloy front pulley   £120 Tensioner kit , pulley , belt ,bracket , bolts £80                                                         MPI tensioner kit , 2x pulleys , bolts belt £100                                              Supercharger Bespoke carb needle £15 supercharger spec float valve for HIF44 £16 Wide blade cooling fan £17                 Longer choke cable £9                            HIF44 throttle cable £5                            NGK low temperature spark plugs £16        55 or 62 mm diameter alloy supercharger pulleys £65                                 Competition head stud set £50               Stainless Decompression plate with 2 head BK450 gaskets (adds 18cc) £70          stainless decompression plate £40          steel ringed manifold gasket £12      Maniflow Lcb £85                       supercharger drive belts £16                 Pipercross filter cone type HIF44 £45             Soilid state competition fuel pump £28 Malpassi fuel pressure regulator for obove £66                                                   Injection fuel pressure regulator £40         2 core alloy high performance cooling radiator £85                               Supercharger cam 261 works with all engine specs £110                                                                                                    INJECTION SUPERCHARGER PARTS              Emerald K6 ecu £730                               Fuel pressure regulator with gauge £40 Large capacity mpi radiators £110 was £240!!!!!                                                               NEW additional radiators  with or without fan , fit where you can find space! for hotter countries and high power engines , various sizes from £40                                                                                                                 What can be supercharged?               Most A series can handle a bit more power , If  adding a supercharger to your current engine It must be in good condtion to handle the extra power . If you are building and engine decide on the power you want  to achieve and what use you want out of it , eg motorways , track days occasional fun etc . With the increased torque available you can usually pull a taller diff ratio without loosing any accelleration time . 2.7:1 crown wheel and pinions make the car more flexible for regular use increasing motorway cruising speeds and using the supercharged engines low down  torque to best effect so as to not lose out on accelleration  .  Straight cut gearboxes with close ratios are not recomended for road use as the gears sets are generally too close ratio making the car difficult to get off the line with a tall diff ratio. Better to use helical gear sets with wide ratios too match the broad spread of power and torque a supercharged engine will produce. A  minispares 2 core comp radiator , suitable fuel supply  are both necessary . Forged omega 18cc (plus 20 thou /.5mm over size giving 1293cc)  pistons are the only ones I use after trying many makes and types, if you have to change the standard rover items (which are actually very good if useable) .    Wrap manifolds to reduce heat transfer and keep underbonnet temps lower.  Fuel injecting over carb /dizzy:  carburettor set ups mostly produce the same power  as the same size throttle body , gains with injection are being able to acurately measure fuel and time the ignition without relying on a mechanical input. Major gains are seen in  fuel economy and  throttle proportions , these are  more precise /easier to adjust for , making it smoother  to drive . If you are using the carb /dizzy then always use a vacuum type distributor  to give the variable timing a road use engine requires for varying loads and conditions .   Cam shaft choices : aim for something milder than you would use in a non supercharged engine as the charger extends the range above and below its normal specification , wider lobe center angle is recomended to reduce fuel being wasted on overlap ,112 lca seems to work well . Supercharging works with everthing from standard to race profiles  , but in varying degrees. If in doubt you cant go wrong with a Swiftune SW5, looking for more perfomance ?: SW10. Blow through v Suck through  Suck through systems are generally more efficient, as at lighter loads the rotors spin in vacuum with minimal drag , transistion through the rev /load range is smooth and easy to tune even with a carb . Fitting space required is smaller than for blow through and all my standard kits are suck through because of these points .  Blow through systems: do require acurately managed  dumping of large volumes of compressed air when its not required (at all times except full throttle ) making it less  efficient, and generating more heat, managing the waste air dumping to using it when load increases is diffcult hence transistion areas from light to heavy load are not as smooth , its is easier to use an air to air intercooler in this set up but really  this system is best suited to drag or circuit racing where the engine will be at full throttle 90 perc plus  of it operating time . No standard kits are available , it is a bespoke conversion  with ECU controlled fuel injection and electronic wastegate control  built for you car /engine spec. Please contact me if you require this service. I HAVE A CHARGER ALREADY :  No probs , send it for checking or use as is .    WHAT MODEL M45SUPERCHARGER DO I HAVE ?  IF THE ROTORS ARE GREY IN COLOUR ITS 1/2/3RD GENERATION (PART NO. INSIDE 'TAC 1 /2/or 3 ), BLACK ROTORS (ALSO KNOWN AS TEFLON COATED )ARE USED IN 4/5 TH GENERATIONS (PART NUMBERS INSIDE WHERE ROTOR OUTLET 'GEC 3 or4 ') .MANY PEOPLE FIND THEY HAVE BOUGHT A CHARGER IN THE 5 THGENERATION BOX BUT WHATS INSIDE IS THE ONE TAKEN OFF FROM THE CAR . BASICALLY THEY GET BETTER  WITH TIGHTER TOLERANCES THE LATER THEY WERE MADE THAT SAID A NEW IST GEN IS STILL GOING TO BE BETTER THAN A 60,000 MILE 5 TH GEN ONE ! , STANDARD PULLEY SIZE IS 67MM, WORKS UNITS HAVE A 60MM ONE.                                                                                                                                                            

vmaxscart 1293 cc forged engine with the dcoe supercharger kit fitted 

Supercharged estate , project car built for a customer , supercharged , chargecooled and mappable  fuel injection 2008

first of the new dcoe kits (jan 2016) fitted to my  spi mini for testing 

my super de-luxe 

early m45 supercharger kit with 45dcoe (2006)

Where it all began, from 1988 the turbocharged mini, 

The first M45 supercharged classic mini (2004)

Mini speedster , 1 of 4 built by myself  (1996)

Rolling Road testing

40 dcoe superchrager kit 

New Downdraught supercharger kit 

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